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SE UCH Aspevalls Nature Boy, Denver. Owner Sofia Amcoff. Shows: Stockholm April 21; CAC, CACIB, BOS. Österbybruk May 21; CAC, BM-3. Vänersborg: CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-4 & SE UCH! Borås: BM-2 Eskilstuna: BM-4 Norrköping: BM-2, CACIB Visby: BM-3 Visby: BM-2 Högbo: BOB, CACIB Stockholm PR Special show:

We got a little puppy May 19. It is a bitch and she is 10 day at the picture. You also see her proud mother Aspevalls Pretty Woman. Daddy is Ch. Tingate`s Hit N Run.

June 8, 2014 SE UCH Aspevalls Nature Boy, Denver, was champion today in Vänersborg just 24 months old. The judge was a breedspecialist, Cecilia Ringstrom from Canada. Denver was BOB and BIG-4 and also got his second CACIB. We are so happy and proud and HUGE CONGRATS to his owner Sofia Amcoff. Pho

SE UCH Aspevalls Noblesse Sessan. Shows: Österbybruk CC, R-CAC, BB-4. Norrköping CC, R-CAC, BB-2. Askersund: CAC, R-CACIB, BB-2 & Champion! Jönköping: BOS, CACIB Jönköping: BOB, CACIB Visby: BB-2 Visby: BOS, CACIB Stockholm, PR Special show: BOS