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  • About us

    We´re very happy that you have come to visit the website of Aspevalls! You can enjoy photos and pedigrees of our papillons here.

    Our names are Helene and Bitte Aspevall, and we are mother and daughter. We have had pets for many years, both dogs and cats. When Helene was retired, she hadn’t had a dog for several years and she decided to have a small dog as a pet. Bitte contacted breeders of papillon, and we decided to buy a bitch from Silenzio’s, affix of Britt-Marie Hansson. Helene had to wait for nearly two years, but it was worth it. At springtime 1999 she got a wonderful little puppy called Silenzio’s Miss Saigon. We called her Freja.

    From the beginning Freja was going to be a familymember. But Bitte likes dog shows and dog training. She took Freja for training sometimes and figured out that Freja loves to work. She can track in the forest and she really likes to do tricks etc. Finally we decided to go to a dog show, just to give it a try. We went to a four-day show in Ronneby 2000, and we were very happy because one of the days Freja was the best youngster and got her first CACIB. And then it has gone on, and on. She became a champion in less than a year!

    Freja has been mother to fifteen wonderful papillons, on the photo above you see her with her last litter in 2007. Now we have some more papillons and we have got new friends. In springtime 2004 we got our affix “Aspevalls”. We have a small breeding and quality is a keyword for us. We want papillons that are healthy, beautiful and have a good mentality. Our dogs live as family dogs, and we take care of our puppies as individuals.